Why Us

The founders of this company reside in China.  Unlike many other companies that sell Chinese teas, but sell from a different country, we are in close proximity to the growers.  We make routine visits to our farms and speak directly to those growers providing generations of information on every aspect related to that grower’s tea.  We are viewing, smelling, and tasting these teas ourselves and not relying only on a 3rd party to speak to the authenticity.  

Our prime location also enables us to be emerged in Chinese tea culture.  There is not a day that goes by where we are not learning about the rich history of Chinese teas.  The western worlds are still in its infancy when it comes to this aspect.  Flavor enhancers and off the wall combinations have proliferated the western tea market.  We aim to bring you the most popular authentic teas China has been drinking for centuries in its purest form. 

We buy directly from our growers providing the utmost value for our customers.  We understand the inefficiency in the number of “touches” that tea experiences through the normal supply chain process.  Our products come directly from the growers to us and to the consumer, eliminating unnecessary value depleting processes. 

We also showcase the growers behind our teas.  Visibility and transparency is sorely lacking in the world today.  Information regarding the techniques, farms, regions, and growers are all made public.  We hope to give our customers a more personal view into the people responsible for the tea they love.

Honesty and integrity is what we value most.  We stand behind our products and growers and will not market something different than what is intended.  If we run out of a product then we will disclose that to our customers online.  We will never procure a different batch even from the same region without properly disclosing this. 

Last but not least, we pride ourselves in customer service.  Consumers have many options where to buy their tea, and we understand business must be earned.  Every customer is of utmost importance to us and gaining your trust is why we are in business today.