Tanyang, Fu'an, Fujian

Geography and Population

Fu’an is a county-level city that is situated in northeast Fujian province, on the southeastern edge of mainland China, with Taiwan laying almost directly across the Taiwan Strait. It lies about 160 kilometers north of Fuzhou, the province’s capital and second largest city. Fu’an is home to over half a million people, most of which are Han Chinese with the remaining being made up of various ethnic groups. Most of its residents are involved in tea production in some form or another and the region produces a world-famous variety known as Tan Yang black tea. The town itself covers about 67 square kilometers, however the area is home to a multitude of smaller townships and ethnic communities.


Fu’an is considered to have subtropical monsoon weather. The climate is ideal for tea growing with annual temperatures averaging 17-20° C, up to 30° in the summer, and having just under 2 metres of rainfall per year. The temperature rarely gets too cold, with 95% of the year being frost-free. Fujian province has historically been referred to as “eight parts mountain, one part water, and one part farmland.” With its warm temperatures, subtropical humidity, and abundant rainfall, the area is prime for growth resulting in very lush vegetation and is very green for most of the year.

Industry and Business

Fu’an is a tea growing community, and much of the tea production system is comprised of individual families or small farms. Family’s role in the process is huge, and many of the business are passed on from generation to generation. One exception to this is Tan Yang Kung Fu, a world famous tea production company based in Fu’an that distributes its products internationally and throughouth China. Despite Fu’an’s relatively small size, its parent province, Fujian, is one of the most affluent in all of China with a variety of industries spanning from clothing to sports manufacturing, along with hosting many foreign firms’ operations.