Campus Representatives

Teagora Teas Limited is looking for university campus representatives for collaborative opportunities.  As a small but growing online retailer of premium loose leaf teas, Teagora focuses and works only with small boutique and sustainable growers.  As an important gateway to the audience, Teagora partners will student groups from academic institutions that promote the general interest in teas from all around the world .  

Working directly with campus representatives and student groups, Teagora supports and provides sponsorship in the form of sample.  In expanding our network to new groups of purveyors and we believe there’s no better way than to do it over a cup of hot tea. We'd love to share our tea with you and your group, and we'd be more than happy to ship you some samples free of charge for your next session, along with personalized discount codes with incentives.

For more information, please write to Teagora at: