Media & Blogging Partners

Teagora Teas Limited is looking for private bloggers for collaborative opportunities.  As a small but growing online retailer of premium loose leaf teas, Teagora focuses and works only with small boutique and sustainable growers.  As an important gateway to the audience, Teagora partners with a host of writers to convey the message through their quality of readership and editorial standards. Topics can vary - as the focus isn't just on Teagora, but rather the strategic points associated with the brand. New ideas and other forms of collaborative workings are encouraged

The two primary working relationships are as follows:

  1. Direct blogging on the Teagora platform, and could link directly to your personal page for credentials.
  2. Affiliate blogging on your own platform and link to Teagora in the article. Teagora will provide trackbacks and analytics.

What Teagora can offer:

We can offer a hefty batch of Teagora Tea; enough to share with your friends and family, as well as a personalized discount codes with a cash incentive structure. In addition, you will be showcasing your work on a growing platform at an early stage in the operations. We reward those who are able to translate our message to sales through our affiliate program.

For more information, please write to