About Us

Our Philosophy

Teagora is committed to bringing the finest Chinese teas to our customers worldwide. We are a team of tea enthusiasts who work in concert directly with individual growers and farmers.

  • Like wine, not two teas are exactly the same. Both share similar characteristics in production including how soil, weather, climate affect the finished product. Even after production, the ageing process affects the maturity of certain wines and teas
  • The teas produced from every farmer are an extension of their efforts

Teagora strives to bring the story and the tea as each is independently unique. Our platform allows farmers to showcase their goods and provides them a medium to reach markets abroad while retaining

We hope that you will enjoy our teas and will remember that every cup you drink has a story behind it.

By helping local farmers expand their reach to the global community we are able to let them focus on what they do best – growing the highest quality loose leaf teas.